The Big Picture

All programs have as core the principle of Synergy.

Synergy, may be defined as two or more things functioning together to produce a greater result not independently obtainable.

The term synergy comes from the Greek word syn-ergos, συνεργός, meaning "working together".

Teams communicate, network and collaborate to create a giant multi canvas artwork using variety of materials.


Teams unleash and experience their artistic skills, painting a masterpiece of epic proportions. All they need is a 'Big Picture' approach.  The team initially, with our facilitator creates a written visualization that will depict and capture the essence of your organization: The current realities, external & internal clients, values, mission and aspirations.  Your people will then be challenged to recreate this vision and understanding, on a larger than life scale  - their unique collective artwork made up of individual canvasses.

The Team will be armed with palette knives, easels, brushes and paint and useful materials.  Delegates discover that the giant artwork has been separated into various small sections with each team responsible for drawing and painting 2 sections.  The interesting and challenging part is that they do not however have all the information that they need to complete the task. This is relevant to most real life business situations.

Outcomes & Assessment

This is where the “Big Picture approach” is so important, as delegates soon realise that to succeed they will have to

  • break out of their limiting perceptions and judgments.
  • listen to other parties who have their own unique strengths and ways of communicating
  • co-operate rather than compete
  • adopt a "One Team, One Goal mentality".

After the painting the delegates take a few minutes to freshen whilst the facilitators and helpers assemble the artwork out of view of the delegates.  Remember, they have not seen each other’s work of art.  They are then invited back to witness the unveiling of their creation to the sounds of celebratory music and festive whistles . There will be cheers, applause and self-congratulations as they witness the scale of their success and how powerful the outcomes of collective individuality can be.  Experiencing what is possible beyond imagination when people work successfully together. The quality of work is good enough to be hung in the companies foyer, boardroom or office as a testimonial to cross functional teamwork and a unique reminder of a landmark event at your company.  The artwork can also be auctioned off for a charity of your choice or given to a country leader from the company in appreciation of work done and contributed to the country or a specific cause.

Key Business Benefits & Life skills

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Team Dynamics & Goal setting
  • Time management
  • Strategy Communication
  • Networking to explore excellence
  • Cross functional co-operation
  • Brand Awareness & communication
  • Uniting Teams
  • Practical leadership
  • Visualizing The Future
  • Stimulating Creativity
  • Fun & Motivation
  • Energizing a conference (should the Team building be part of a conference)

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What our clients say

“In the day-to-day struggle to progress in business we all need tangible tools to empower our staff and ourselves. I believed an MBA at a top university would bring me all that I needed. The MBA was great, but I experienced truly great value by attending IGA courses. In a single day of listening to Kim I have been empowered with more, and better tools than an entire MBA could offer me.”...

Paul Venter
MD, Estates in Africa

Right from the word go my dealings with IGA were of complete professionalism. The insights you provided me with during the personality profiling, the personal conversations we’ve had regarding my individual life skills and test results during the day’s proceedings, and the opportunity to spend a day with an individual that obviously had so much to teach and give, was life changing."...

Corne Groesbeek
Customer Services Manager, NetCB Solutions (Pty) Ltd

As a relatively unknown person I was nominated to stand for Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the largest Golf Estate in South Africa. From the time I briefed Mike, he took control and ownership of the entire campaign. Very soon I was presented with a comprehensive strategic election campaign that was not only professional, but very structured and focused on the key areas. Needless to say, the results far exceeded my expectations..."

Pieter van der Merwe
MD, Various Companies

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